Tailwind Engineer, Tom Finch

Tom began his interest in aircraft aerodynamics as the research and development head at Swearingen Aircraft in 1965 which became a division of Fairchild. The company manufactured the Metroliner and Merlin twin turboprop aircraft.

From 1974 to 1994 he served in various capacities including Designer, Chief Engineer, VP Engineering , Senior VP, and Chief Scientist at The Dee Howard Co. which was an Aircraft Mod and Manufacturing Center that provided aircraft completions, avionics, thrust reverser and nacelle design and manufacturing, overhaul and repair services to airlines, cargo carriers, and commercial aircraft. DHC became a division of Alenia and was eventually acquired by Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd.

During his tenure at DHC, Tom Finch was head of the UPS project converting 727 QF air freighters to Rolls Royce power. The center engine inlet duct was changed in aerodynamic profile to correctly feed the engine, and patented by Tom. In addition, external aerodynamic changes associated with all three engines reduced the drag of the aircraft by 18 counts. The result was a very efficient aircraft that used much less fuel and could fly into and out of noise sensitive airports at night.

Tom was in charge of the engineering and certification of the 747-3G1 Flying Command Post performed at DHC, which was said by Boeing to be the most extensively modified aircraft in the world, consuming 1.9 million man hours.

Tom was also responsible for developing and patenting an aerodynamic system for the 20 Series Learjet, that increased range from 1250 NM to 1800 NM. The jet’s previous most efficient speed was .72 mach. After Tom’s changes, the most efficient speed was increased to .79 mach.

Tom’s expertise spans impressive areas including: Aviation, Aerodynamics, Kinematics, Intellectual Property, Engines & Power plants, Electro-Mechanical, Hydro-Mechanical, Airframe/Structural, Electro-Hydraulic, Automotive & Motorcycle plus Towed Equipment, Acoustics, Audio & Related Equipment, Musical Instruments, and Architecture.

Tom was inducted into the Texas Scientific Hall of Fame in 2002. He received the Rolls Royce award for contributions to the development of the TAY engine in 1989. He also received a UPS award for development of the 727 QF Quiet Freighter in 1992, and has been invited to join the Rolls Royce Heritage Trust.

Tom Finch is a remarkable engineer and a loyal motorcycle enthusiast who logs about 45,000 miles a year riding his bike/XTc Trailer rig all over the U.S. and Canada.

Tom is currently President of TEFTEC® Technologies, Texelent® Industries, and has obtained about a dozen U. S. and several foreign patents. He is also the founder of The TEFTEC Corporation where he patented several technological developments.

Tom’s patents already issued can be viewed by clicking here.