The Tailwind Trailer is the smoothest, safest motorcycle trailer you can own.

No shock from potholes and road hazards

The exclusive Duo-Flex Drawbar design, with a coil-over shock absorber dampening system, eliminates vertical shock.

An incredibly smooth pull

Independent wheel suspension, using the proprietary elevated pivot-trailing arm and 4-inch travel shocks.

Durable body with minimal drag

The body is hand-laid aircraft-quality E-glass, similar to what is used on the undercarriage of new aircrafts and components used by NASA, with a true aerodynamic design that eliminates drag.

Large capacity storage with large lid

The fully opening lid provides complete access to the large 24-cubic foot storage compartment. The latch system allows one-handed opening and closing. The latch is outside of storage area, ensuring a totally water-free, dust-free compartment.

Color may be matched to any motorcycle color

No additional loading of motorcycle switches and relays

The entire lighting system is internally relay-operated. An umbilical cord with 6-pin round plug is standard equipment.

More Features:

  • Powder-coated frame resists stone impact and natural elements

  • On-board gel-cell battery and auto-charge circuit

  • Deluxe Features: Marker lights, carpeted interior, Tri-Flex Suspension with chrome drawbar, stainless coupler, chrome wheels, single-color paint (non-illusion colors), stone guard bra and self-powered interior light.

  • Optional on-board air compressor and tire servicing system operates from the Tailwind's on-board battery.


The XTc Tailwind has been pull tested in excess of all legal speed limits with positive results due to its aerodynamic design and stable suspension platform. Extreme road conditions have proven the XTc Tailwind to be highly stable with true tracking characteristics due to the high extension to compression ratio in the 3 suspension areas.

Use of the unique proprietary Duo-Flex draw bar controls and regulates tongue loading during compression and reduces the peak loads found in standard draw bar systems by as much of 80%. The Duo-Flex system was designed specifically to eliminate the chance of fatigue failure of the motorcycle rear frame and hitch assembly.

The XTc Tailwind’s very low center of gravity, together with the road-hugging characteristics of its unique suspension, provides maximum resistance to roll over.

Largest volume located between the wheels invites loading with minimum rotational inertia for increased stability.

Low overall weight has a positive effect on the braking characteristics of the towing motorcycle.

The unique aerodynamic designed low profile body has a minimum impact in crosswinds, bike tire wear, and fuel consumption.

The XTc’s aerodynamic design maintains attached airflow in adverse wind conditions reducing side buffeting resulting in true tracking without sway or jerk.

The XTc TAILWIND is highly visible with its large tail lamps and side markers.

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