Tailwind Trailer Engineering Stats

Duo-Flex Drawbar

This exclusive design with a coil-over shock absorber dampening system eliminates the drawbar vertical shock associated with potholes and road hazards.

Independent Wheel Suspension

Using the proprietary Elevated Pivot-Trailing Arm technology enhanced with 4-inch travel shocks allows the wheel to retreat from impact eliminating bounce and side skipping. This provides an unbelievably smooth pull for the bike, and the smoothest possible ride for the contents. Handling is unmatched in the full size trailer arena.

Composite Fiberglass Body

The body is hand-laid aircraft quality E-glass cured to 270 degrees for lightweight strength and durability, built to 0.009" tolerance levels. The body layout is true aerodynamic design, which eliminates drag while establishing a classic appearance. Color may be matched to any motorcycle color.

Powder Coat Frame

Powder coating applied at 275 degrees provides resistance to stone impact and the
natural elements.

Large Compartment Lid

The lid provides complete access to the large 24-cubic foot storage compartment. The latch system provides one-hand opening and closing due to the lidís low, 18-pound weight and two gas shocks for raising and stabilizing the lid panel. The latch is located outside the storage area allowing a totally water and dust-free compartment.


Remotely Operated Lighting System

The entire lighting system is internally relay operated, preventing additional loading of motorcycle switches and relays. An umbilical cord with six-pin, round plug is standard equipment. Requires fused connection to the bikeís battery and sense lines from turn, stop, and run lighting.

On Board Gel-Cell Battery and Auto-Charge Circuit

Prevents running the bike battery down when dome light is left on, or when the optional air compressor is used.